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A community that is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses achieve their goals. Our platform offers an open, edible knowledge base that serves as your empowerment mentor app. We provide the tools and lessons needed for transformation and growth within the community. All members must follow the terms of service to access the benefits.

Our community members come together to take collective action and discuss business development modules & potential new projects. We’ve worked tirelessly to pinpoint industry leaders and transact discounts to facilitate you with the best in online business ideas, prospect marketing, product line expansion, and increasing your knowledge.

At Bosses, we have three main projects: MADE, MEN, and Tithe Store House.

MADE is a community project focused on cultural preservation, identifying environmental factors, and raising awareness of our diverse heritage. Our goal is to help individuals respect and not feel detached from the communities in which they live in. We generate solutions to common problems, aiming to build stronger and more resilient local communities and eradicate poverty.

MEN is a mentoring project that promotes positive role models and leaders in the community. We link key members and resources to provide jobs and economic growth, helping individuals develop perceptive skills for what is to come and what needs to be nurtured in our Bosses for the future.

Tithe Store House is where you can donate to support our mission. LoveGodNow/BossesMadeMen/Johnbookz & Partners is where you can make a monthly donation with a debit or credit card.

We also offer a support group and charities directory where you can add your organization for free. Our app focuses on strengthening the soul forces of growing individuals and enabling them to live in a world with these forces. Click here to use the app and become part of our community.


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