“A life that exists, has just occupied a space but a life that fulfills the reason for its existence is said to make an impact to the earth” -Claver Lukoki. Speaker and life coach mentor. Author of amazon bestselling book “THE LOSS OF HUMANITY” Many factors affect how successful we become , environmental factors andContinue reading “THE LOSS OF HUMANITY – CLAVER LUKOKI – FIND YOUR PURPOSE 2020 REVIEW”

Building Mental Minds – Giveaways

Hi there, I’d really appreciate it if you could share or donate to this GoFundMe, all they need is a pound and i would be grateful if you give more follow the story of the foundation here brother. Here sister: after you finish receive your free gift here: shop here with your giftContinue reading “Building Mental Minds – Giveaways”

Taraji P. Henson{Creativity & Passion qoute 2016

Taraji Penda Henson born September 11, 1970 is an American actress and singer. Henson began her Hollywood career in on several television shows before making her appearance in baby boy (2001). for more pics click here This amazing talent has risen to stardom through hard work and dedication. Here a list of some of the most powerful perfomances HustleContinue reading “Taraji P. Henson{Creativity & Passion qoute 2016”

Voicemail Systems for Businesses. Are they Worth It?

Any business can definitely benefit from the adoption of sophisticated technologies that are designed to promote growth and synergy. This is particularly the case with telephone and voicemail business telephone systems, which are incredibly effective in facilitating business transactions. Any businessman who knows what he’s doing will understand the importance of maintaining communications with clientsContinue reading “Voicemail Systems for Businesses. Are they Worth It?”

Dr. Donald Meichenbaum(Stress Management Strategies)

You build up resistance to stress by learning, acquiring and practicing skills needed to go forward and cope. (Dr. Donald Meichenbaum) Who has time to relieve stress when its constantly building, stress does a number on your mind and decreases your immune system today i am looking at a very good model that worked continuallyContinue reading “Dr. Donald Meichenbaum(Stress Management Strategies)”

Can Internet Marketing Be a Long Term Business?

Here is the basic honest truth: most of the people get into Internet Marketing because they are convinced it is an easy way to earn quick money. Their approach is to make a fast website, put up some advertising and a few affiliate links and then sit back and watch while they earn real cash.Continue reading “Can Internet Marketing Be a Long Term Business?”

Parts Of A Business Marketing Poster Explained

Now, there are posters for advertising, and there are posters for specific business marketing. In this special guide, I will teach you about the parts of business marketing posters. These kinds of custom posters not only advertise things, but also have you and your firm included in its marketing message. Try to include all theseContinue reading “Parts Of A Business Marketing Poster Explained”

Web Hosting Company

Terms and Conditions Invoicing and Automatic Payment Dates BossesMadeMen will generate invoices and process automatic payments based on the information below. Your automatic payment date may change, depending upon your billing cycle and the product in question. Item(s) Renewing Renewal Cycle Invoice Generation Hosting Packages/ 6 Months 6 days prior to Renewal Domain renewals 1Continue reading “Web Hosting Company”

Mark Zuckerberg {Positive role Model} work,learning and opportunities.

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is an awesome American computer programmer.  The co-founder of the social networking website Facebook. This Internet entrepreneur is a big inspiration to most creatives. When interviewed about the keys to his success, he mentions about being true to oneself, fail faster and learn from these mistakes. The top ten keys to success: You getContinue reading “Mark Zuckerberg {Positive role Model} work,learning and opportunities.”

Web Design For Charity

by: Kunwarpal Charity web design is a part of web designing. There are many charity websites on internet and many more to come. All these websites need web designers. The basic purpose of each website is to let the people know that there is someone to help you. This can be an amazing & satisfyingContinue reading “Web Design For Charity”