“A life that exists, has just occupied a space but a life that fulfills the reason for its existence is said to make an impact to the earth” -Claver Lukoki.

Speaker and life coach mentor. Author of amazon bestselling book “THE LOSS OF HUMANITY”

Many factors affect how successful we become , environmental factors and mindsets all play a part in reaching your full potential.

Operating from your full potential is always like going against the grain due to limits and controls throughout modern society. Everyday laws and regulations often cause hindrance to us and the way we operate from effectiveness. Claver explains through this powerful book how to operate from our full potentials.

THE LOSS OF HUMANITY is a condensed road map to showing you why you are here. Until you work on your purpose for existence, you have just been existing and not living. Hence, this book will stretch your desire and thirst in bridging your discovery of purposes into reality.

Claude Newman – Black history month – Study

Today’s true story has an astounding apparition. Claude Newman was a negro man who worked the fields for a landowner. He had married when he was 17 years old to a woman of the same age. One day, two years later, he was out plowing the fields. Another worker ran to tell Claude that his wife was screaming from the house.

Immediately Claude ran into his house and found a man attacking his wife. Claude saw red, grabbed an axe and split the man’s head open. When they rolled the man over, they discovered that it was the favorite employee of the landowner for whom Claude worked. Claude was arrested.

Complaints spur investigations at Warren County Jail ...
The Warren County Jail He was later sentenced for murder and condemned to die in the electric chair.

Claude Newman as told by Father Robert O’Leary (1911-1984). One night in his prison cell, Claude was awakened with a gentle touch upon his wrist. He awoke to find, as he later explained to Fr. O’Leary, “the most beautiful woman that God ever created.” Mother Mary said, “”If you would like me to be your Mother, and you would like to be my child, send for a priest. A officer witness seconds before the execution a lady with hand on Claude’s shoulder standing behind the electric chair.

Man at grave of relative in cemetery, All Saints’ Day, New ...
A family member at the grave Claude who was giving a Honorable christian burial

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Meditate on the Word. Building Mental Minds

Word power and sound…….. welcome everybody, good morning, good afternoon, and good evening.

Wherever you are in the world reading this, a little note for meditation, body and sound. Let’s look at the behavior of sound and waves travelling. The Bible says Faith comes from hearing and hearing from the word of God.

How does that vibrate and where does that connect to begin with, we know that some things will resonate and other things will not, I was told to focus on what resonates today and throw away what don’t. We know that if you play the Strings of a fiddle above a bowl of water. The water resonates sound…… try to follow what I’m saying here;

I would like you to experiment get an instrument and a bowl of water complete instrument over the water you will see how the water resonates and how it responds with special rates of vibration to which special resonators can respond.

Everybody’s body consists of water, the vibrations you are feeling in the body is based upon sound……….. if you take your fingers and you block your ears, you should be able to hear the living waters or whatever sound vibration is hovering above your waters…………………. bare with me here while I try to expand my reasoning with biblical references.

In Genesis 1 God created the heavens and the earth hitherto Genesis 1 verse 2 the Spirit of God hovered over the waters……….. what is your the body is water ? The spirit hovers over the water = Aura?

So take a instrument and play it over the water or simply use your mouth to make a sound. OBSERVE how it was once and how it resonates. This may sound and seem strange to begin with……… This frequency, This sound, what do you resonate with? what do your Waters reflect? in some Minds there is lots of noise…… The Bible refers to this as the noisome pestilence……….. What you hear when you block your ears?

Your thoughts! A loud screeching, a buzzing sound what do you hear?


  1. Now put your fingers in your ears and block it thoughtfully and listen for the frequency and the spirit that is over your waters.
  2. Now focus your mind on the word of God! How= just say to your self in your mind or out loud: “God created the heavens and the earth” as you put your fingers in your ears…………………. repeat this ten times until you have blocked out every other thought.
  3. The objective is to bring your mind to a place of silence and stillness like running water in order to hear the sound like wind hovering over the waters.
  4. Try to find the still voice of God. repeating “God created the heavens and the earth” keep repeating this 10 times “God created the heavens and the earth” Each times listen for that still small voice between the breaks………………
  5. If you still hear sounds of clashing or heavy metal, disturbing vibrations or sounds like beeping sounds, or thunder or sounds of like screeching tires or sounds like cutlery clashing etc…………… be still, Trust God and continue with the process repeat “God created the heavens and the Earth 10 times”

keep repeating in and blocking out all other thoughts…….. only focus on these words let them resonate over your waters let them nurture surface of your soul and now your heart, feel this vibration……….. Own it, indulge in it…………………. “God created the heavens and the earth”


  1. You have the power within you to control the mind, find that sacred place in your mind, search for a still garden where only beautiful seeds grow….. every good seed is every good thought…… Capture them right now…. AND WATER THEM WITH THANKS GIVING…..
  2. Now every bad seed is also going to pop up in your garden (mind) These seeds are the bad and negative thoughts…. you must uproot these thoughts and just gentle put them aside……. visualize your self doing this…….. don’t look for the bad or the good just simply be………. What ever springs up meaning what ever thought comes to the surface of your mind deal with it accordingly to the steps above.

Useful Tips

  • Listen into your mind, what is the sound today? why is it making this sound?
  • Question your mind?
  • What is it that you want from me and why?
  • Why would you say that now?
  • Tell your mind that God created the heaven and earth 10 more times

Remember it’s your mind take control of your voice. Practice this exercise everyday. You may have worrying thoughts today or anxious thoughts… that constantly bombard your mind. Why the minds says , Where it follows and how…………………. try questioning your mind and mirroring it. So why why and where is where and how how?

I mean hell…. I know this sounds crazy, but it’s a sort off cancelling out effect in mathematics sometimes you have to cancel out your own thoughts.


  1. Try to replace every troubling thought with the opposite of what your thinking.
  2. For example ” they are going to laugh at me; with: they are going to applaud me”
  3. Another example: I’m never going to stop doing this; with: I have other opportunities.
  4. Every positive thought give it to God in all his glory…………
  5. Very good now remember every good and perfect gift comes from the heaven above from the father of the Heavenly lights, The creator of the heaven and earth.

Thank you for Reading, thank you for listening to this documentation. Hope it serves you some purpose in your life, changing and overcoming your thoughts remember no man is perfect and the mind is like a garden of Eden………… in which we will journey through life…………. but take time to observe the trees and plants.

Continue to walk through this garden of Your Mind and plant good seed,, water them with thanks giving…… every negative seed or bad thought is like weeds and thorns you must uproot and pluck them out to put aside everyday. Everything in your Garden (Mind) serves it’s purpose and in the end everything shall return to where it came from.

Have a wonderful day.

Written by John Lgn