BMM {Artist Collaboration}

ARTIST COLLABORATIONS @{TAKE YOUR PICK} FEATURING TODAY ON BOSSES Artist: T.MANTANA Bookings & Also Musical Link With The Artist: Make a booking here Address London, United Kingdom Screen Name T.MANTANA Email: FEATURING TODAY ON BOSSES For Bookings & Also Musical Link With The Artist: Make a booking here Mobile Phones Ask for Myk’s phone number Address London,Continue reading “BMM {Artist Collaboration}”


07980940001 27a peckham high street se15 5eb Main coursesAckee and saltfishBrown stew chickenCorned Beef and cabbageCurry goat/muttonCurry chickenEscoveitch fish (similar to Spanish escabeche)Jamaican patties (beef, chicken, vegetarian, saltfish)Jerk chicken – grilled Jerk-spiced chicken/porkOxtail with broad beansSaltfish with cabbage or callalooJamaican spiced bunSteamed fish


Greetings all members BMM would like to take this opportunity to thank all the bosses and self made entrepreneurs for all their inspirations and example.  I would just like to take this opportunity  services providing. To make a booking:    house cleaning  industrial cleaning office renovation/cleaning commercial cleaning  maintenance This innovative boss is willing to collaborate with experiencedContinue reading “BMM {JKL CLEANING}”


Greetings  Today i am proud to present This innovative boss has been providing the best car maintenance service for the community for over 2 years now. We went to visit dean’s car care last week, and can confirm that these bosses have developed a fast and reliable business. Dean told us about the startling developmentsContinue reading “BMM PROMO{DEAN’S CARCARE}”

BMM {the power of books}

We sale by the hundreds at a discount price, all stock checked sealed and delivered to you. Great power books on sale today. Development books academic and self help available, Learn new skills, grow your knowledge and self educate here: Grab a free e-book today! Two great books for a practical self-help guide to prevention andContinue reading “BMM {the power of books}”

Black Military Men {network insight} The Buffalo Soldiers

Cable TV documentary about the history of the Buffalo Soldiers by Bill Armstrong. Shared for historical purposes. I do not own the rights. Buffalo Soldiers originally were members of the 10th Cavalry Regiment of the United States Army, formed on September 21, 1866, at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. wiki

BMM NEWS {you have a voice make a choice}

Please tell us what you think about the plans change Vauxhall bus garage if you believe this is not a good change to our environment, you have the power to put a stop to it. you can simply sign our petition here : or visit or just click the pic


Kennington Park | Lambeth Council   Kennington Park Rd, London SE11 4BE020 7926 9000 7.30am to sunset Adventure playground  Children’s play area  (dog free) with toilets Stay and Play – One O’Clock club  Available to children under five with their parent or carer. Café  Dog exercise area  Flower gardens    All weather pitch – Astro turfContinue reading “BMM PROMO{KENNINGTON PARK}”