BMM {the power of books}

We sale by the hundreds at a discount price, all stock checked sealed and delivered to you. Great power books on sale today.

Development books academic and self help available, Learn new skills, grow your knowledge and self educate here: Grab a free e-book today!

Two great books for a practical self-help guide to prevention and treatment in anxiety and depression a self help guide using cognitive behavioral techniques this combination should improve your conditions.

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Ben Carsob Gifted handsimages

a surgeon’s long journey from knife-wielding street fighting to master of the scalpel

Hope Macdonald When angels appear

Inspirational story’s of true life testimonies that will bring the reader insight of Gods power and merciful love through his angels and loving spirit, quotes from the holy bible where angels were sent.

and much much more.

We have a books on Amazon.

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