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This Park was first open to the public in may 1889. Myatts field park today stands as a pillar to the heritage of the community and rightly so with its rich history, the park was once part of the 109 acre estate inherited by Sir Edward Knacthbull 1745. The estate was purchased by hughes Minet some time late around 1770. There is a amazing story behind the Minet family. The Minet Family were Huguenots members of the Protestant Reformed Church of France during the 16th and 17th centuries who fled to England from France in the late 1600s, to escape religious persecution. The Minet family developed the estate over to help the rising demand of housing in the interests of local residents. James Minet gifted the building of St James Church (now Black Roof Housing) in 1870 and in 1882 William Minet donated the land to create a new public park.

Myatt’s Fields Park, Cormont Road, London SE5 9RA

Today Myatts field park is a place of real Serenity and cultivating facilities:

The park has the following facilities;
Flower Gardens

A New playground (with water play)
A New children’s building: The Mulberry Centre

A Greenhouse and a growing project
A Picnic Area
A Dog exercise area
A Wildlife area with pond

A Football pitch ,Tennis Courts (new booking rules)

The Little Cat Café A Bandstand with a programme of events
Please be mindful to the fact; The little cat cafe will be closed when the weather is extreme.
Serving the best in:
  • hot and cold drinks
  • hot food (using fresh ingredients from green house and garden).

COLLABORATION DETAILS {THE LITTLE CAT CAFE} We are looking for applicants who are seeking work experience in the retail food sector.

This will be voluntary work on a part time basis, you will gain sustainable knowledge and training from a professional chef.
The benefits and qualifications you will obtain after this placement.
  • level 2 food and hygiene certificate
  • Barista licence {coffee shop qualification}  
  • Great reference

For more info or to apply please contact Fiorella on TEL:07503155673

Myatt’s Fields Park is a beautiful listed Victorian park which has undergone a £3 million renovation, completed in 2010.
We have a new playground with water play, café and wildlife area.
for more info click here:

Myatt’s Fields Park, Cormont Road, London SE5 9RA

more facilities:



Regular Activities:
Pram walking: (During the summer – from May) Friday 11am to noon (free): meet by the bandstand
upcoming events

Midsummer fair 020

Time:1- 5pm Date: saturday  21st june 2014


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