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27a peckham high street se15 5eb

Main courses
Ackee and saltfish
Brown stew chicken
Corned Beef and cabbage
Curry goat/mutton
Curry chicken

bossmade 109
Escoveitch fish (similar to Spanish escabeche)
Jamaican patties (beef, chicken, vegetarian, saltfish)
Jerk chicken – grilled Jerk-spiced chicken/pork

bossmade 111
Oxtail with broad beans
Saltfish with cabbage or callaloo
Jamaican spiced bun
Steamed fish

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27a peckham high street se15 5eb

 bossmade 108

Popular ingredients
Jerk spice
Kidney bean
Lima bean
Malay apple (locally known as “apple” or “Otaheite apple”)
Passion fruit
s “gungo peas”)

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