Good afternoon Members Today we are proud to present SIOBHAN DAVIES Studios located at 85 st George’s Road London SE1 6ER We visited this wonderful establishment today to find out more. We was greeted by friendly and polite staff, the accessibility was very good with disabled access and elevators. The environment was very clean andContinue reading “BMM {SIOBHAN DAVIES}”

BMM {Abolition of the vehicle tax disc}

1 October 2014 you will no longer have to display the paper tax disc on a vehicle windscreen. The DVLA will still keep digital records What does this mean for us? you will still need to pay vehicle tax, getting a renewal reminder when your vehicle tax is soon due to expire. This applies toContinue reading “BMM {Abolition of the vehicle tax disc}”


SOFTWARE & APPS AND DEVELOPMENT TOOLS Get a loan to start a business Do a company name check Compare business insurance quote   Employees     Get a custom designed business logo Advertise a job  Create your business website Wp Starter Guide – WordPress Tutorial http://Click Here! The Premium WordPress Subscription Plugin http://Click Here! Keyword Insertion Plugin ForContinue reading “BMM {DEVELOPMENT TOOLS}”

BMM { People modern Art}

Peoples Art Greetings to you all this fine day! Today where celebrating People’s art, fine art and human heritage. The creative sector in business and economics plays a major part in the environment.,   I look around and see a creative display of talent, which was the highlight of the day displaying great colour andContinue reading “BMM { People modern Art}”

BMM Pollards Hill

Pollards Hill Pollards Hill Holds one of londons interstations at the crossing of south London’s boroughs of Merton and Croydon between Mitcham & Norbury. Great place to visit for high walker, astrologist & star gazers. Pollards Hill Triangulation Pillar S3366: Pollards Hill A triangulation station,, trigonometrical station, trigonometrical point, trig station, trig beacon  or triangulation pillar or trig pointContinue reading “BMM Pollards Hill”