Everything you need to know about small business loans.

If you’re considering a small business loan—you’ve come to the right place, whether it’s to finance your new business or an expansion of your current business. We’ll help guide you through the types of small business loans. Entrepreneurs application process Business start up loans (Advice) Qualified coach with The Coaching Academy MA Employment Studies and HumanContinue reading “Everything you need to know about small business loans.”

BMM {The way in} guide book

The way in universities polytechnic colleges Dear members greetings and warm welcomes to you all. Great news for all those members interesting in a career in law. We have this amazing guide book from Brian Heap, the book includes chapters on study in law, careers as a barrister and a solicitor. Career in law 3rd editionContinue reading “BMM {The way in} guide book”

BMM {Writing for self-discovery}

Good morning member’s today we are reviewing this powerful self development book Writing for Self-discovery: A Personal Approach to Creative Writing Paperback – 5 Mar 1998This powerful book is free for any member trying to advance in writing for self discovery some skill you will gain as follows flow writing, clustering, Modelling Tapping into Memory ImageContinue reading “BMM {Writing for self-discovery}”

BMM {National Hate Crime Awareness week.}

Dear members welcome to BMM, this week is national hate crime awareness week. For those members who are not aware of this you still have plenty time to get involve BMM went to visit St Paul’s Cathedral, London hosting the launch of  Service. Diversity Choir Played music followed by a community vigil and the Lighting ofContinue reading “BMM {National Hate Crime Awareness week.}”