BMM { Find your ancestry } Guide

 This guide takes you through the following: Why you need to discover your past {Defining the study of families and the tracing of their lineages and history, the origins and seeking out answers of; Genealogy and History. The guide further gives you research attempt methods, contemporary techniques of exploring your past, explaining the advancement ofContinue reading “BMM { Find your ancestry } Guide”

BMM Stone of Scone

The Stone of Scone Stone of Destiny The stone, weighs 336 pounds (152 kg),  rectangular block of pale yellow sandstone measuring 26 inches (66 cm) by 16 inches (41 cm) by 11 inches (28 cm). It is alleged the stone left the Holy Land and traveled to Egypt, Sicily, and Spain and reached Ireland about 700 bc to beContinue reading “BMM Stone of Scone”

BMM {Sasha Shantel}

Today we are following the development of inspirational individuals, and positive role models. BMM is proud to present this Boss Sasha Shantel. The talent this individual has developed over the years is as follows. Editing selecting and preparing written, visual, audible  media  correction, condensation, organization, and many other modifications producing a correct, consistent, accurate andContinue reading “BMM {Sasha Shantel}”