Home Schooling Children Everywhere – The How and Why Library

Good afternoon today we are looking at the empowerment of children. Home schooling is very fun and flexible, there is many ways to approach teaching the kids at home. to find out which method is best for you and your children you most look at your own values. images (41)

To emphasized good character and develop a home schooling method that’s suits your lifestyle as parents you will have to ask yourself some serious questions.Photo0749

Here’s a list of considerations:

  • What type of curriculum do you want to use?
  • Do you want to plan the curriculum?
  • Have everything memorized whilst learning?
  • Do you want school to be rigorous and challenging?.
  • Do you want to be want to be original?
  • Do you want to use gentle methods?
  • Like having the child decide what to learn?
  • Want to teach child the way you was taught
  • Want child to learn how to self educate
  • Want to teach all kids together
  • Want to teach each child separately

The next step is to learn the wonderful method of home schooling.There are five methods which i would like to explore today:Traditional: This is the way in which you would experience learning at school. Classical The trivium, is a three stage process which takes place during the period of development . The three stages of the trivium are

  • Grammar: Memorization is the dominant mode of learning in this stage.
  • logic:also known as the Dialectic stage this is normally applied when the children are 10-13 years of age. Tasks such as formal logic, algebra, paragraph and thesis construction.
  • Rhetoric: developing their ability to  construct logical arguments also to articulate information in such ways that are aesthetically pleasing. Normally practiced in high school.

The next method would be the Charlotte mason: Reading a story and allow children to re-tell the story. this style of teaching helps the child form their own relations own relations15 - 1 (1)

Units study’s: allowing the child to  learn by doing: In a unit study approach, multiple subjects such as maths, science, art and geography, are studied in relation to a single topic.

UN-schooling: Let the child learn by living and actively engaging in the learning process.

Two books which i recommend reading to develop your home schooling techniques:

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