Leadership Charles-Margerison Positive Models & Managerial Style

  • Charles Margerison and Dick McCann developed

    the basic models and tools of TMS between 1985 and 1988 within the framework
     of research and consulting activities at the University of Queenslands Below you founded the Institute of Team Management Studies (ITMS) in
     Brisbane, which systematically evaluates and documents the empirical
    research results.
  • Advising – Gathering and reporting information
  • Innovating – Creating and experimenting with ideas
  • Promoting – Exploring and presenting opportunities
  • Developing – Assessing and testing the applicability of new approaches
  • Organizing – Establishing and implementing ways of making things work
  • Producing – Concluding and delivering outputs
  • Inspecting – Controlling and auditing the working of systems
  • Maintaining – Upholding and safeguarding standards and processes

Managerial Consulting Skills: A Practical Guide

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