100 niches to start up your business.

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Marketing is a big part of every business, in the fast growing information
economy. Technological advancements are imperative tothe survival of any business. We have lots of great ways small businesses can compete with big business with these developments.
Facebook has over 500 million users and it’s a perfect place for you to make lots of money! Facebook isn’t just a place for kids, or for people to find their old friends from high school… it’s a great platform for you to find targeted people for your targeted offers.
The way in which the internet
makes it easier than ever before to connect with Clients and
global markets is extraordinary, with technology like
Zoom unifying cloud video conferencing,
simplifying online meetings, and cross platform
group chat into one easy to use platform.
Marketing and advertisement
The first step to decide is do you have what it takes

Tips on starting a #business
Spend a lot of time researching various niches and trying to find
potential buyers. The next step is to find out what products these buyers need.
Design or create your own product. This can be expensive if you hire someone to do it for you It can be time consuming if you do all the work yourself.

 Niche Ideas

1. Acid Reflux
2. Acne
3. Adkins Diet
Adult Acne
5. Adult Dyslexia
6. Aikido
7. Alcohol Addiction
8. Allergies
9. Alternative Health
10. Alzheimer Disease
11. Anti Aging Treatment
12. Antique Collectible
13. Aquarium Owners
14. Aromatherapy
15. Art Investing
16. Arthritis Pain
17. Asthma Medication
18. Asthma Treatment
19. Astrology
20. Autism
21. Avoid Bankruptcy
22. Avoid Procrastination
23. Baby Music
24. Baby Sitter Service
25. Baby Sleep
26. Back Pain
27. Bad Breath
28. Bad Habits
29. Beach Weddings
30. Beekeeping
31. Better Grades
32. Bird Watching
33. Blogging
34. Blood Sugar
35. Body Detox
36. Boost Memory
37. Boost Metabolism
38. Bow Hunting
39. Boxer Dogs
40. Brew Beer At Home
41. Bridal Shower
42. Build a Computer
43. Bulldogs
44. Burglar Alarm
45. Business Start Up
46. Buy a Car
47. Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring
48. Buying a Used Car
49. Cake Decorating
50. Candle Making
51. Car Alarm
52. Car Auction
53. Car Detailing
54. Car Loan
55. Car Owners
56. Car Subwoofer
57. Card Tricks
58.Career Planning
59. Cat Care
60. Cheap Airfare
61. Cheap Used Car
62. Cheating Wife
63. Child Adoption
64. Child Custody
65. Child Modeling
66. Childhood Obesity
67. Christmas Gift Ideas
68. Coaching and Consulting
69. Coffee Maker
70. Coin Collecting
71. Colic
72. College Scholarships
73. Composting
74. Computer Programming
75. Credit Card
76. Credit Repair
77. Crocheting
78. Dating
79. Daycare
80. Deck and Patio Plans
81. Designer Bag
82. Dessert
83. DeStress Life
84.Digital Photography
85. Discount Travel
86. Do It Yourself
87. Dog Diets
88. Dream Interpretation
89. Drop Shipping
90. Ebay Selling
91. Economic Recession
92. Eczema Treatment
93.Education Grant
94. Energy Efficient Home
95. Event Planning
96. Exercise Program
97. Family Vacation
98. Fat Burning
99. Ferrets
100.mystery shoppers
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