Choosing when to wear your LGN hats 2017

Look at usher in his  Usher-Givenchy-zip-collar-dress-shirt- You wouldn’t wear such a code without the tailored hat.  Again, modern fashion is most tolerant, but again, the men & women of taste obeys instinctively the iron degree of absolute suitability.

For the lgn hat user the question is in what, under the particular; circumstances of weather of costume, will one appear to be the best advantaged? LGN offers you to be the King & Queen of fashion and not the slave of trend.

LGN Five styles offer suitability as the keynote of successful dressing. The tweed hats and ostrich plumbs work best for the modern look. Colour is another stumbling block to the unwary,. Never, if limited to one or two hats, run riot in colour, however becoming.

One good LGN black hat is worth several coloured ones to a user of many means, but it must be good.


The utmost care should be exercised in choosing a hat of a colour that will go with all the costumes with which it will be worn. It is not sufficient that it should agree admirably with one and “swear” to use an expressive French term with the rest.

Lgn hats offer this simplicity without severity in many of its multiple styles. Start Shopping For new design by clicking here

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