Black history month on BMM

This month on bmm we revisited the research from years pass and added fresh info to the open edible knowledge base. Are journey started at windrush Square. We covered great detail surrounding the sociological issues we facing in society today and highlights the importance of love in our communitie. After 400 years of slavery its inevitable that inherited deprivation effects the decendants of slaves and the minds of those trying to break the cycle of poverty. We compiled research into a small kindle guide41V5UuWp00L._AC_SX177_SY255_FMwebp_QL65_thank you for all Bosses & members for there contributions. We also cover slot about the american civil war and british black soldiers who fought on both sides of the conflict. We learned a lot about king George and his promise of freedom to those who fought for the country.

Love for the descendants of slaves was a highlight of the month we revisited
Faithfulness + Tenderness = Wedlock
We explored the great leaders and motivators of the struggle for emancipation, people such as Thomas Jefferson,  booker t Washington david walker

For more guides
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