I’ll use some of the strategies i’ve learned- motivational talk

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, Thank you to each and every one of you for being here with us today. We are very pleased to be able to welcome those of you that have been with us for a long time now as well as those who are new to the group/community/association.

Today I would just like to discuss defensiveness

In the event that you get guided into protectiveness — and the vast majority of us do — you most likely definitely know it. It’s presumable come up in discussions with your friends or your companions. Also, when it did, you presumably got protective about being guarded. All things considered, it felt like you were being assaulted! What else would you say you should do?

Indeed, I’ll let you know.

After somebody has said something that makes you curve your back and need to get protective:

Try 1 – Think of the primary thing you need to state or do and don’t do that. Rather, take a full breath. That is on the grounds that the main thing you need to do is shield yourself against what you see as an assault, slight, or offense.

Try 2 – Think of the second thing you need to state or do and don’t do that, either. Take a subsequent breath. That is on the grounds that the second thing you need to do in the wake of being assaulted is to fight back. That is just going to raise matters.

Try 3 – Think of the third thing you need to state or do and afterward do that. That is on the grounds that once you move beyond safeguarding yourself and fighting back, you a superior possibility of looking for an answer.

The fundamental motivation to quit getting protective is that it for the most part triggers a similar reaction in the other individual. In the event that rather you search for approaches to be more arrangement situated, you will before long wind up on your approach to more participation and joint effort.

In case you’re battling with what that non-guarded, non-retaliatory, arrangement situated explanation may be, center around being a “plusser.” A plusser is somebody who tunes in to what the other individual says and afterward expands on it.

Try changing the way you speak by adapting these tips.

Instead of: i’m not good at this = Say: what am I missing?

Instead of: I give up = Say: I will use some of the lesson i’ve learned

Instead of: I’m not good with maths = Say: I am going to train my brain

Instead of: This is to hard = Say: This may take some time and effort.

Thank you to each and every one of you for being here with us today.

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